Rowan T

Rowan T’s world through the eyes of Mommy and Daddy T

Sedona's First Snowboard Lesson

Rowan’s cousin Sedona came over to play. They were sledding down the hill in front of our place, but Rowan decided to change it up a bit by snowboarding down the hill. Next thing we know Rowan is teaching Sedona how to snowboard. And she did great for her first time.

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Playing On The New Snowboard

Rowan has outgrown his snowboard, so we picked up a new one for him today. Thankfully he has a seasonal rental, so it doesn’t cost us anything to swap out boards.

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Embarrassing Artwork

I'm looking forward to the day when I get to embarrass Rowan in front of his friends.

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Clay Art Projects

Rowan brought home his projects from his clay art class.

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Proof Rowan Plays With Lanier Clan Cousins

Video of Rowan and Harper jumping on a trampoline last fall.

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